​Safety Instructions For Epoxy Resin

​Safety Instructions For Epoxy Resin

4th Aug 2017

1. Wear gloves!Always wear gloves when working with epoxy. It is the best way from protecting your skin from possible irritation. Working with epoxy and resin can also be a sticky mess, so it makes fo … read more
August Photo Contest

August Photo Contest

31st Jul 2017

Have you recently finished a project using Pro Marine Supplies Epoxy? Don't miss out on your chance to enter our August Customer Photo Contest!If you didn't know there are a lot of unique ways, you co … read more

​Why We Use Online Support and Not Phone Systems

2nd May 2016

We have a philosophy here at Pro Marine Supplies. We believe in creating quality products, and offering these products with impeccable service at affordable prices. We offer: Free Shipping on all … read more

Table Top Epoxy Troubleshooting Guide

17th Mar 2016

Entire Surface Is Soft, Wet or Sticky after 48 hours: 1) Product was under-mixed. Unfortunately, as much as we stress this as the most important part of the project, it can still occur and is the mo … read more


Posted by Matthew Bonwill on 2nd Apr 2015

CATALYST MIXING CHART Resin Quantity  % 1 Pint 1 Quart 1 … read more